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Q & A

Teledyne Test Data of the
LTC Catalyst found in the
Track Fresh Round Filter
and the Parker Pumper
TRI Test of the La-Man
CO Filter using the same
LTC Catalyst found in the
Track Fresh Round Filter
and the Parker Pumper

1. How does the filter work?

The Track Fresh Filters uses a Electrically Charged Carbon impregnated felt in conjunction with a Low Temperature Catalyst. The "felt" adsorbs noxious fumes and odors from a variety of substances. The Low Temperature Catalyst is made of a Alumina Ceramic Bead that changes Carbon Monoxide molecules into Carbon Dioxide molecules. (Please see special notes for Koolbox and Polar Flo Filters on thier respective web pages.)

2. Does the filter heat up the air?

The Low Temperature Catalyst is designed to work at peak performance using ambient air from outside the race car. It does not heat up the air in any fashion.

3. Filter Performance?

The Track Fresh System uses industry proven technology that has been in place since 1986. Under ideal conditions the "Regular Flow Filter" will remove up to 95% CO while the "Hi-Flow Filter will remove up to 70% CO.

4. How long will the filter last?

The Regular Flow and Hi Flow Filters have a 6 hour design life. The Super Hi Flow Filter can be used for one event only. It is recommended that the filter element be left in the bag provided prior to the event and be replaced into the bag as soon as possible post event.
WC: The filter can be used for the main event and the following weeks practice.
BGN and BGNN: The filter can be used for 2 events and 2 practices.

Other Venues: Keep in mind the 6 hour design life and use the filter accordingly.

5. Helmet Coolers?

The Track Fresh System should always be mounted before any helmet air coolers.

6. Blower Mounting?

The blower uses a 3" inlet and should be provided with a 3" NACA duct connection. Most drivers use the right side A post to mount the NACA duct while mounting the blower on a cross member of the roll cage so that the unit is surrounded by ambient air and not in direct contact with a heat source.

7. Will the filter blower dry my eyes or contact lenses?

Yes, all helmet blowers do this. Simpson has developed a insert that separates the eyes from the mouth and nose. This insert has been used for the past 2 seasons and many top drivers are now using it.

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